What Information Do I Need To Remortgage?

At MortgageKey, our mortgage advisors are expertly placed to assess your circumstances and inform you of your options. Making sure your next move is sensible and successful is our priority. After that, it’s down to you to organise all of the relevant information to assist you with the remortgaging process.

It’s likely that whilst speaking to one of our advisors, you will require additional bits of information about your mortgage, on top of the stuff you already know. So, to make sure you’re fully prepared, here’s our remortgaging checklist:

#1. Current mortgage details:

The more you know about your existing mortgage arrangement, the better. A mortgage broker will need to know your balance, mortgage term and monthly repayment amounts. In the case of wanting to exit your current mortgage deal, you will need to know the exact early repayment charge and the current interest rate, in order to find you a better remortgage option. Without a redemption statement or deed of postponement from your existing lender, it may be more challenging to move forward. It’s also worth noting that some lender’s like a month’s notice for such administration.

#2. Income:

It may’ve been a while since you last assessed your finances, but the more accurate you can be, the better the chance of securing a good remortgage is. Split up your basic salary, away from things like overtime and bonuses, as certain lenders will have criteria which may look upon these things differently. If you’re self employed, you will need at least two years’ books.

#3. Expenditure

Everybody has other commitments and a haul load of extra outgoings. Ideally, you will have a handle on these and be able to account for your outgoings with accurate figures. Loan repayments, credit cards and pensions etc. Also, if you have any other mortgages or properties, you must declare this too.

#4. Forecasting the future

Nobody will hold you over a barrell if you predict plans which don’t come to life, however, you must let your lender or advisor know what your intentions are. Possible moving plans or dates, home improvements or alterations to your financial situation.

#5. Monataries

All monetary exchanges have to be above board. The Money Laundering Act of 2007 poses several implications between the exchanging of currency. Copies of bank statements are essential; additional documents to show how or where initial monies came from will be needed if money was inherited, for example. If a donation has been made, this will need all relevant paperwork from both parties too. Any important documentation like this should be sent as a recorded delivery.

#6. Property

If you have made structural alterations to your existing property, you will need the planning permissions, building regulations or completion documents to hand. If you do not posses such documentation, your property may be valued differently.

Remortgages with MortgageKey

Our Award Winning remortgage services are a testament to our staff’s enthusiasm and energy when it comes to finding the right remortgage deal. This is further strengthened by our excellent relationships with out lenders. We’re perfectly placed to approach a panel of well-known lenders, to identify and secure the best remortgage deal possible for you and your personal circumstances. Call today for a free, no obligation quote or contact us online.

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