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Interest Only Mortgages – Your Questions Answered

Interest Only Mortages can be an ideal option for those looking to lower their monthly payments, thereby giving them more cash to put to other use. 

How do Interest Only and Repayment Mortgages differ?

An interest only mortgage is exactly that as you only pay the interest rate on the amount you borrow from month to month until the end of your mortgage term.

However, you will still owe the original amount when your term has ended.

A repayment mortgage means you pay back an amount of what you've borrowed plus interest each month.

If you continue to make all of your payments, your debt will be settled at the end of your mortgage term.

Why do people choose Interest Only Mortgages?

The key reason most people choose this option is to lower their monthly payments, thereby giving them more cash to put to other use. To choose this option, lenders are likely to prefer you to have a large deposit.

With an interest only mortgage, if you borrow £250,000, over 25 years, on a 3% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) you would pay back £625 each month.

On a repayment mortgage, you could assume that you would pay around double that amount each month. Also, at the end of your interest only mortgage, you’d still owe the amount initially borrowed.

How do I pay off an Interest Only Mortgage?

Before you can acquire an interest only mortgage, your lender will want evidence of an approved repayment plan, for when your term comes to an end.

The simplest way can be to downsize by selling your home and moving to a cheaper property. The proceeds from the sale can then be used to pay off the outstanding mortgage balance. Depending on your lender, you may be also be able to include ISAs and stocks as part of your final payment.

Why choose MortgageKey for an Interest Only Mortgage?

Our team of award winning industry experts are dedicated to finding the right mortgage deal for you, from a lender you can trust. Our team will search through thousands of mortgage products and advise on what we feel is the best option for you given your personal circumstances and finances. We aim to make the process as seamless, straightforward as stress-free as possible, at all times.

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